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DUDzine Bee … get amongst it! by themachobox
June 1, 2011, 3:10 am
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The Dunedin Comic Collective are putting out a zine which is not exclusive to just comics either! So far some favourites from the folds of the Collective have put together some comics and sketchbook pages, and we’ve also got quite a bit of fresh comic talent coming to the party.

The submissions can be anything; articles, music, instructions, poetry, drawings, diagrams, competitions, recipes and more all within the confines of a beautifully silkscreened cover (except the music, you have to download that).

If you (or you have a sneaking suspicion that someone you know might) want to submit one of the above, or something we haven’t thought of (maybe a treasure map?!) send it to us and we’ll consider publishing it!

The finished zine will be for sale for a couple of bucks and is being released on June 17th at Cellars Bar with the musical stylings of the very talented:

– Opposite Sex    – QTPI    – Ax Handal
– Killmore Girls   – Max WAOTS    – Sewage

To submit:

Email us at < dunedincc@gmail.com >
– Make “PUT ME IN YOUR DUDZINE” the email subject
– Make your name and the title of your submission the body of your email, along with a bit about yourself if you want.
– Attach your submission compressed into either a rar or zip.
– Pictures etc: Submissions must be a greyscale or bitmap tiff and at least 300 dpi, 210 by 148 mm
– Text: Doc or Docx please (but if you have nice handwriting why not write and scan it?)
– Music: Wav files (but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get on the comp download, we’ve got most of the songs sussed already)

Submissions close June 17th

Any questions, email us and ask


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