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C’mon Spencer Pull Your Finger Out by dunedincc
June 26, 2014, 6:26 pm
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Has it really been that long!? We’ll endeavor to get the next issue of DUD out with this beautiful cover adorning it in the coming months

Bored with a record shop.

…it’s been nearly 3 years since I won the colouring competition for the front page of Dud 3 and you still haven’t published it….

…the illustration in question was (is?) a cut up of a whole bunch of kid’s colouring book pictures…

…I traced “redesigned” & re-inked the whole thing so I could get the cartoon below printed in colour…Scan 300

…Mrs Axelgrinder & Foo Foo as an Andy Warhol Print…

…it took ages but was a lot of fun, so not a complete waste of time…

…it sees it’s first public appearance here.

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….yay!….see you in three months (years?)….

Comment by tootonesbored

…is it done yet?…

Comment by tootonesbored

..still waiting…..

Comment by tootonesbored

We just got our RISOGRAPH in working order. Stay tuned Tone..

Comment by dunedincc

…3 1/2 years……

Comment by tootonesbored

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