Dunedin Comic Collective Blog

DUD #2


Cover illustration by Tony Scharer (dud)
Dream Map of New Zealand by Mat Tait (mot)
Inner Space by Robert Scott (dud)
Boyish Big Kid Comix by Barry Linton (akl)
Cargill’s Gargoyles by Tim Cornelius (dud)
Project Climate by Tokerau Wilson (dud)
Awkland by Ary Jenson (akl)
Legoland by Tom Garden (dud)
Y’ep by Garry McLanachan (dud)
The Fan by Chris Stapp (akl, x-dud)
Who’s Boss Chicken? by Don Ferns (dud)
Dog Day Afternoon by Scott Savage (dud)
Snow Day by Stu Medley (aus, x-dud)
“Come Get Your Head Syringed” by Corn Stone (akl)
Sam Sam Sam by Dylan Horrocks (akl)
The Adventures of the Kite Family by
Dan Brader (aus, dud) & Yi Lang Chen (akl)
Nor’ West Zephyr by Alex Gilks (dud)
24 Hour Comic by Spencer Hall (dn, x-aus)
Alabaster & Trans-dimensional-load-bearing Object by Ben Carroll (akl)
The Old Clowns’ Home by Roger Langridge (eng, x-nz)
I’m Not Sure What This Is by Sam Orchard (akl, x-dud)
Make Hey While The Sun Shines by glen ross (dud)
Sad Old Git by Maria Brett (dud)
Cosmic Quiz & Identity Test by Barry Linton (akl)
Funnyish Page by Chris Stapp (akl, x-dud)
A History of Dunedin Comics by Tim Bollinger (wel)


F Sharp by Psychic Maps (dud)
Under the Sea by Opposite Sex (Dud, X-Gis)
Silicone Rain by Sonic Smith (dud)
Grass Spoke by Swampy (dud)
Park Street by Left Or Right (dud)
Milk by Death By Silo (dud)
Newfoundland parts 1 & 2 by Thundercub (dud)
New Song by Mr. Biscuits (dud)
Your Vanity by Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Wel)
Float in Blue by Robert Scott (dud)
The Boy That I Saw on That Day by John White (dud)
Nothing by The Dark Beaks (dud)
North Coast Ghosts by Shakes and the Swell Guys (dud)
Did She Join A Commune? by Brown (dud)
Eyes See (live) by The Communist Rainbow Relationship (dud)
Valley Trash by The Doyleys (dud)
You and Me Against the World by Onesie (akl)
Somasate by The Old Psychiatrists Club (dud)
Piece of Pi by Physicks (akl)
100 Ducks by Idiot Prayer (dud)
Surplus Bargains by TFF (dud)
Get Off the Stage by Sewage (dud)
Oh Yeah by Crude (dud)
Forever by Black Yoghurt (dud)
Villainous System by Tim Cornelius (dud)
Segata by Glasgow (dud)
Telephone by We Aeronauts of the Spirit (dud)
Something’s Wrong by $noregazZzm feat Tha Sick Sensei (dud)
Dress Up Like a Lady by Mental Health Triangle (dud)
Bertha Lou by Lontalius (Wel)
Flava of Love (Season 3) by The Puddle (dud)


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